What it's all about

Starting on January 3rd, 2022, we're kicking off a 7 day reset of real, nourishing whole foods, hydration, and self care. Get a full guidebook & gameplan, a daily action tip, new simple recipes and all the support you need to kick off the New Year feeling refreshed and like the best version of YOU.

7 days of eating like you love yourself, are you ready?

What you get:

  • The official detox(ish) guidebook with your gameplan, rules(ish), tips, menu, grocery list, prompts, a sample menu, and more

  • 20+ brand new, nourishing, fueling and delicious recipes by Julie Vincent (@hearthwellness)

  • 7 daily tips delivered to your email to give you a specific action item every day

  • A private facebook group for daily support & accountability

  • Tips for integrating your Detox(ish) success into your real life

Detox(ish) Testimonials

don't just take it from us!

Bye bye bloat & cravings

LP, 28

I enjoyed the Detox(ish) week so much! I lost 3 pounds, the bloated feeling is gone, I have more energy and I’m not craving sugar at all! Now that’s an amazing week!!

Press Reset

SP, 51

The Detox(ish) Week is an amazing opportunity to press reset and focus on fueling your body with whole foods. The Indigo Wellness team plans a nourishing experience that doesn't feel the least bit restrictive.

Shake things up!

DF, 42

So glad I did this! Was a great chance to get some new recipes, reign it in, be more mindful, and shake things up!

Feeling reconnected

LP, 32

Absolutely loved this week - totally reconnected my relationship with cooking and food! I felt great and energized. Plus I'm down a few lbs too!

Making it permanent

SM, 50

The recipes were so doable AND delicious - and several have earned a permanent place on my plate! I’m carrying many of the daily tips forward into my daily life. Carolyn and her team are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and motivating!!

What's the (ish) about?

So glad you asked!

Our program is called Detox(ish) because we don't believe in going too extreme or restrictive in order to feel great. Following our Detox(ish) plan means that you're mostly cooking, but if you're in a pinch, ordering in or going out for a meal is totally okay. (ish) also means that if you're in a situation where you need to be flexible with the rules or you're going to go hungry, you fuel yourself with the best options you can. You don't throw all your effort & progress out the window if you're not perfect.

Plant-based(ish) means we're going very veggie forward, but with the option to add fish, eggs, and bone broth.

This is not a strict weight loss week, but if that's a goal, cool! We have several weight loss tweaks & suggestions in our guidebook. Cleaning up your food for a week always tends to make your clothes fit better, your skin feel glowier, and your mood way better too.

Mainly, this is meant to be a take-amazing-freaking-care of you week. Anything beyond that is icing on the (gluten free, dairy free, organic) cake.

But doesn't my body detox on it's own?

Totally, and we're so happy you know that your body is detoxifying 24/7! Your liver, kidneys, digestive tract, skin & lungs make up your detoxification system. But with too much sugar, alcohol, environmental toxins, & stress (which acts as a toxin, eek!), our bodies typically need some serious support. We see this big time after the holiday season.

A week of Indigo Detox(ish), focused on real, nourishing whole foods, cooking, and self-care is a great way to support your body's natural detoxification. You'll see the results in your energy, your mood, your digestion, your skin, and more!

Detox(ish) is for you if....

  • Your eating could use a little refresh

  • You're ready to break up with sugar or wine (or both!)

  • Your body is begging you for a week of real, whole, nourishing foods

  • An inspiring community helps you with accountability

  • You're a grazer & often skip real meals

  • You're ready to try more mindful eating

  • You're inspired by nourishing, delicious recipes

  • You're over self-sabotaging & just want to feel like the best version of YOU

The Investment

All of this for only $95!

Sign up today as a gift to yourself, and experience the magic of the Indigo community.