Let's get hormonal!

If you've spent most of your life feeling grossed out or annoyed about your body and your menstrual cycle, not understanding what's happening down there, or you're starting to think about babies in the future, this course is for you!

We cover the anatomy and hormones you need to know, why your period is the fifth vital sign, how to treat and look for root causes of period problems and PMS, plus everything you need to know about the pill and getting off it. (newsflash: it’s complicated) We also cover the basics of sperm and egg health, while weaving in lots of wellness and Chinese Medicine tips to help you get your hormonal house in order!

Are you ready to know what's going on in your body, once and for all?


Meet Sarah & Carolyn

We're sisters, colleagues and most importantly, women, who are on a mission to make learning about your body fun and informative. We've taken our years of experience working with women in our clinical practices and created a course filled with all the "Why didn't anyone tell me this?!" facts and information that we believe you deserve.

And in case you're curious about our credentials, Sarah Swanberg D.A.C.M. L.Ac. Dipl.O.M is an Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Carolyn Brown M.S. R.D is a functional and integrative nutritionist. We're the co-founders of Indigo Wellness Group and we have a combined 15+ years of experience and have worked with thousands of women just like you.
How do hormones work? These experts will teach you

Course curriculum

    1. Intro Video




    1. Basic Anatomy

    1. Hormones Basics

    1. Cycle Basics

    1. Birth Control

    1. PMS & Period Problems


About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
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This course is for you if:

  • You never had a proper Sex Ed course in school, or you giggled your way through it

  • You wonder WTF is going on with your period every month

  • You're ready to get off the hormone rollercoaster and looking for a pill-free solutions

  • You want to know the best nutrition tips & supplements for your cycle

  • You're curious about hormones from a Chinese Medicine perspective

  • You're "thinking about trying" and want to know the body basics

  • You're worried about Post Pill Syndrome

  • You're ready to learn more about egg and sperm health and how to optimize egg &

This Course Was Made For You!

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what our past students have to say

This Program is a Game Changer

For someone who's spent years with period irregularity (and by years, I mean I've never had a regular period), the thought of TTC is really stressful! I consider myself an extremely healthy eater and I work out very regularly, so I didn't even know that I needed education on how to best prepare my body for the TTC phase until I learned about this program. Sarah & Carolyn laid out the basics of fertility health in a user friendly way!

I feel empowered

This program takes all of the confusion and stigma out of the fertility process and made me feel so much more knowledgeable and empowered about my body. The ease of logging on and learning something new from experts from the comfort of home made everything accessible. I couldn't recommend this more for those "thinking about thinking about!"

The Big Sister Life Talk We All Need

This program is like the big sister life talk about what the heck is happening to your body we all needed when we were teenagers, but are just getting now. Carolyn and Sarah are funny, informative, down to earth and downright helpful when it comes to helping you navigate the world of hormones, fertility, birth control and women’s health. I love that as sisters they put their backgrounds together to come up with this program and have laid it all out for us in an easy to understand, concise format.

Be Your Own Advocate

Hello, Hormones is not only helpful with sharing relevant and accurate information about your fertility, it promotes overall wellness which is helpful for anyone at any stage in their life. It teaches you to be your own advocate and to appreciate the amazing things your mind and body are capable of you take care of them.

The Super Sex Ed Investment