Join Us for Wellness Wake Up 2022

Are you ready for a Wellness Wake Up? This Course is Your 2022 Wake Up Call.

Our signature Indigo nutrition course is a 4-week program that combines learning with doing in a way that equals big results. You'll understand & implement the essential habits to feel energized, clear-headed, and on your way to your personal happy, healthy, sustainable weight. You'll know exactly what to do, and understand the research behind your new habits so they stick. And most importantly: you'll have fun while doing it!

Every week in your Wellness Wake Up program, you'll get brand new course content and a new veggie-forward, gluten-free meal plan for the week. That means you’re adding dozens of new, nutritionist-curated recipes to your repertoire.

Hear from our Graduates!

It's changed my life

JH, 33

I’ve truly learned so much, felt I could explore my relationship with food without judgement, and became equipped to make important changes for my health and well being. It’s been a long time coming but this program has changed my life in a beautiful way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve lost a maintainable 7 pounds!

MR, 30

Carolyn did an amazing job teaching us all about not just nutrition, but overall wellness. I’m pretty sure her favorite thing to say is “it’s all related” and by the end of this program, you’ll learn it is so true! I’ve lost a maintainable 7 pounds over the last 12 weeks and can’t wait to take what I learned through this program throughout the rest of my life!

Grounding, therapeutic, and uplifting.

CM, 47

Indigo Nutrition creates a wonderful community that has been incredibly grounding, therapeutic, and uplifting, especially throughout this pandemic. Carolyn's knowledge and positive energy are amazing! Whether your goal is to lose weight, or take your own habits and self-care to the next level, there is much to be learned and gained from participating in this program.

Meet Your Nutritionist: Carolyn Brown MS RD

Carolyn is the founder of Indigo Nutrition at the Indigo Wellness Group. She has worked in private practice for over a decade, and has helped thousands of clients reach their health, wellness and weight goals. Carolyn specializes in helping her clients “live a healthy life, without losing a social life”. Carolyn gets it, the complicated food history, the weight fluctuations, and the body frustrations, the knowing what to do but not doing it, because she has been there too. So she's put all of her knowledge & secret strategies into creating Wellness Wake Up, so you can make changes once and for all.

Carolyn went NYU for her Masters in Clinical Nutrition before becoming licensed as a Registered Dietitian. She is also certified in Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine under Dr. Aviva Romm.

Carolyn lives in Boulder, CO, where she's practicing what she preaches by getting her nature on and cooking every day.

Carolyn has been featured on: The TODAY show, Dr. Oz, FOX, CBS news, Women's Health, Men's Health,, WebMD, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, and the New York Daily News.

Follow along on instagram: @carolynbrownie

Here's what's included in Wellness Wake Up:

  • 4 Weekly Modules released on Mondays

  • 4 x Downloadable Audios (so you can listen to sessions on the go!)

  • 4 x weekly meal plans to inspire & support your wellness journey

  • Bonus Modules on blood sugar balance & inflammation

  • 28 Daily Tips, delivered to your email every morning

  • 28 quickie reminder text tips, sent to your phone every morning

  • 4 Weekly Group Zooms with your Indigo Nutritionists for q&a & led conversations (Thursdays at 5pm ET)

  • Exclusive access to The Table, our private facebook group, where we meet daily to discuss the day's topics & support each other

  • A wellness questionnaire every 2 weeks to track your personal progress & weight loss (optional), plus emails at week2 & 4 with your personal progress

But wait, that's not it!! You'll also receive...

  • An *optional* accountability buddy assigned to you for daily or weekly check ins.

  • Printable Indigo food+mood journal & week walkthrough, downloadable PDFs & Cheat Sheets: simple & effective tools to guide you on your wellness journey

  • 20% off practitioner-grade supplements on Fullscript

  • Access to our Indigo Nutrition snack shop on Amazon

  • Grocery shopping lists for Trader Joes & Whole Foods

  • Discount codes for our favorite brands

The Gameplan

  • Wellness that Equals Sustainable Weight Loss

    The habits you learn and perfect in Wellness Wake Up will establish wellness as the goal. Weight loss and reaching your body's happy weight are the proven side effect of taking amazing care of yourself.

  • 4 Modules + Bonus Sessions

    The secret of The Wellness Wake Up: Both learning and doing! There is no one-size-fits-all plan - you're way too unique for that. Learn the 4 key topics of nutrition, wellness & yup, weight loss too. Carolyn & Marissa have broken each one down into 30 minute sessions that you can watch or listen to.
    We're also adding brand bonus sessions on blood sugar balance & inflammation.

  • Weekly Meal Plans

    At Indigo we believe that cooking is a key health behavior. Julie, our resident recipe & meal planning expert, has put her favorite recipes into weekly meal plans for you, sent out every Friday for the upcoming week.

  • Come to THE TABLE

    The power of community is KEY! We meet daily in our private Facebook group, The Table, to discuss that day's email topic and make personal commitments.

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings

    Every week, the entire group meets on zoom to check in, discuss a designated weekly topic, and have a brief Ask Us Anything. Zooms are recorded and sent out the next day if you can't make it live.

Are you ready?

We kick off onJanuary 31, 2022 and are together through February 27th.

How it works:

You'll get your very own Indigo Academy login, daily emails & texts, plus prompts in our private facebook group

1. We kick off on Monday, January 31st, 2022 and are in session for 4 weeks through Sunday, February 27th.

2. You will receive a daily email & quick text from your Indigo nutritionists. This is your daily to-do with a super simple task related to the week's topic.

3. Each email will link to your personal Indigo Wellness Academy dashboard which will have a new session (20-30 minute video & audio) added every Monday on the week's topic, and downloadable PDFs. You can revisit these sessions as many times as you like and ask questions on them in our weekly Zoom meetings.

4. Every day you will be invited to pull up a seat at The Table (our private Facebook group) and touch base with others in the group, discuss that week’s session or that day’s tip, and have personal accountability.

5. You're invited to our weekly group Zooms with the Indigo Nutrition Team (Time TBD). If you can't make it live, send in your questions ahead of time and watch the recording at your convenience.

6. You’ll be given options to continue your success and accountability as part of our Indigo graduate group!

Pricing plans

We have options!

The Wellness Wake Up Itinerary

Your Weekly Course Content

  • Week 1: The Wellness Wake Up Basics

    This week we cover your wellness non-negotiables that very often, people are skipping. From water and veggies to food journaling, you’ll put the basics into action and learn how to make the most of every meal, plus the magic of a little daily routine & bookends. You’ll also receive a “limit list” (foods and ingredients to be mindful of) and we’ll discuss realistic weight loss expectations.

  • Week 2: The Secret Strategies

    Supplements, quality carbohydrate selection, how to use time restricted eating to your advantage, and more. You’ll learn the secret weapons & strategies that WORK – and of course we’ll hit on the f word (fiber, people!).

  • Week 3: Indigo Mindfulness Week

    We’ll cover the mindful eating basics including tuning into your body, hunger and fullness, honoring your appetite signals, treat meals, slowing down, and so much more. This module goes way beyond food, mindfulness will lead you to a deeper and kinder connection to your body

  • Week 4: Socializing, Travel & Real Life Integration

    This program is an amazing jump start & a full on wellness wake up. And we want you to keep your momentum going! In this week's module, we’ll be sharing how to weave all you’ve learned into your real life and what to do once the program winds down. You’ll have a fresh commitment & gameplan, plus brand new wellness tips & tricks for travel & socializing.

  • Brand New Bonus Material

    We're always adding in topics we think are relevant and important. During this course, we'll be offering brief modules on blood sugar balance, as well as decreasing inflammation.

More from Indigo Nutrition Program Grads...

Loved the accountability partners!

JZ, 54

The Wellness Wake Up program helped empower me on my wellness journey. My favorite things: created new habits; helped me rethink my relationship with food and my body in new positive ways and realized it's not all about the food; daily texts; and accountability partners who are a similar age to me. I am grateful for the 4 weeks!

The best investment in yourself!

AT, 37

I loved every day of this program - even the days when Carolyn provided us tough challenges (100 oz of water day!). It was incredibly educational, fun, and provided accountability in a loving way. The material was presented such that it could be easily applied in my life - there was never a point where the tips/changes felt insurmountable. The best part about it is Carolyn's fundamental belief in a lifestyle of positive balance, not of restriction. I cannot say enough how wonderful the program has been - the best investment in yourself!

The BEST program!

CB, 72

This was THE best program! Carolyn put a tremendous amount of work and time into this course! It was like going to summer school, but in the best possible way. Weight loss was a goal for me and was achieved, but beyond that, I learned about everything from the importance of food journaling to bio hacking my body. Such an excellent program. I would recommend to all, even if weight loss is not your goal. You will be set up for living your life in the most healthful way.

It's a game changer

KD, 30

Participating in this program was a game changer for me. I’ve been eager to turn over a new leaf, be healthier and learn about nutrition, all of which I was able to accomplish. Carolyn’s expertise, feedback and how she set up the course was amazing and very well thought out. I am sort of obsessed with now learning about nutrition as a whole as it relates to wellness now and less focused on nutrition only for a weight loss (though an added benefit). :) I also have developed habits through what I’ve learned that I believe will by life long.

The Wellness Wake Up is Perfect For You If:

  • You're overwhelmed with the amount of fad diets and nutrition advice out there

  • You're tired of going up and down in weight over and over again

  • You've struggled to achieve your wellness goals long-term

  • You want to know how to intuitively listen to your body's cues and signals

  • You're curious about why we should eat certain foods and how your body works

  • You need real life strategies that work with your busy schedule and specific needs

  • Your recipe rolodex needs an upgrade with nutritionist-curated meal plans

  • You want accountability to reach all your health goals

  • You're looking to have fun with healthy habits with a group of like-minded people

Small changes equal BIG successes

Are you ready to feel healthier, happier, and more empowered around food than ever?

By the end of our 4 weeks together you will be know what works for YOU, and be well equipped with the framework & tools you need to make the permanent changes you’re seeking – the ones that last for LIFE and are about so much more than weight. But if weight loss is a goal, we are here for that too. Let's do it in a healthy, sane, sustainable way!

Join for $395 or 2 payments of $225.

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