We're here to help you cut through the noise, so you can feel great without feeling overwhelmed.

Join us for our Detoxing module

We're so #basic.

(The basics are where the magic happens)

We're sisters, colleagues, and women's health experts. We believe that small changes can make big impacts. We like simple strategies that you'll ACTUALLY use, and favor slow medicine to quick fixes. Call us basic, but we don't think wellness should be complicated.

We've found that there are eight foundations to overall wellness, and we'll walk you through each one of them. You'll leave with actionable goals and practical tips to master each piece of the health puzzle. (Spoiler alert: we believe that socializing is a health behavior!)


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4 steps to lasting health habits

  • INFORMATION (don't worry, we make it fun)

  • COMITTMENT (setting goals that you can actually reach)

  • ACTION (spoiler alert: it's all in the planning)

  • NURTURE (good habits require patience and personalization. We'll teach you how to set yourself up for success!)